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Uniting Strong Families

We want to bring families together and teach each other how to become better together. We are a group dedicated to the success of family leaders in our community.

Becoming Strong Families

We are not always who we need to be. But with the correct support from others we can always overcome. Together we are always stronger than apart. It is in this simple truth that we found our organization, to organize, educate, facilitate and mentor families to be the strong leaders this country needs.


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12 JANUARY, 2023

Bi-Racial, Mixed? “They are mestizo – very beautiful!”  Said a group of Filipinos about the children from mixed clan and mixed culture marriages.

12 JANUARY, 2023

We are not raising children, we are raising adults Children are challenging!   Even for the best suited families who are intact and wealthy enough to meet all their physical needs.

12 JANUARY, 2023

“Luggage forward NOW!!” the pilot screamed from the front as the plane bounced down the runway struggling to get into the air. 


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